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                The Porter`s Daughter  by  Winifred Dawson (Arnott)



                      THE LIFE OF AMY AUDREY LOCKE

                                                                          A pioneer professional woman historian


17th June 1881  -  19th June 1916

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Softback cover shown by permission of The University  of Reading,  Hardback copies are covered in dark maroon cloth, with gold lettering along their spines.

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    P & G WELLS, Winchester.  Order by telephone or by filling in the form on your left.   Press Submit to send it as an e-mail to P & G Wells.  For the speediest possible response please include your telephone number and address, also the address to which the book or books should be sent.

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P & G Wells is located behind Winchester Cathederal, close to Jane Austen`s last home, and was more or less central to Alfred Locke and his daughter Amy`s lives before they moved to Otterbourne and Bloomsbury, London respectively.   This historic bookshop is up to date in its operations, and is well used to serving customers outside the UK.  Also it houses the ancient Bindery used to bind the hardback copies of THE PORTER`S DAUGHTER.



    WATERSTONES, Winchester.    Purchase from either of the two Waterstones stores in the city, or order by telephone.

      UK TELEPHONE  01962-866-206


The Waterstones store in the lower part of the city is located in a modern building known as "The Brooks", this because it straddles two of the waterways with the same name, which are featured in Amy Locke`s biography.   Waterstones are a UK nationwide chain of booksellers.




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This book was published by the SARSEN PRESS, Winchester.



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